Keep Calm and Get Excited for your Future

Guest Post by Deanna Anweiler, Robyn-Lynn Donlevy, Brandy Emmerich, Kysha LaPlante, Isabella Luna, Allison Mamer, and Trista Stokalko, Executive Assistant Class of 2016.

Whether you are just starting your program, or halfway through it, your journey awaits you.

39th Annual SBC Business Show

The Road to Success SBC Business Show 2016

The Road to Success can be a bumpy one, but the tips and tricks you will learn at the show will help you along the way.

The purpose of the Business Show is to help educate students on real life experiences in the workplace. Learn valuable life skills that will better you in both your personal and work life. It is also a way for you to connect with Saskatchewan employers.

The show will take place on May 4, 2016, from 1pm to 3pm at Saskatoon Business College. There are some great sessions planned for you to experience.

Alumni Panel

This panel will contain former SBC graduates who can give you an inside look at how their schooling has helped them in their careers after finishing school.

HR Panel

Talk to HR Panel about tips and tricks to perfecting the job interview. They will educate you on dos and don’ts of landing that perfect job.

Dress for Success

Learn how to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. When you feel good, you will do better work.

Pinching Your Pennies

Get some tips on how to manage your finances and build your savings after graduating.

Living in Balance

Learn to relieve stress one road block at a time. Find a healthy balance between your work and home life.

Professional Social Networking

Talk about creating and managing professional social media accounts when starting your new career.

Sign-up is April 19-21 across from Room 8 during the morning break and the Student Lounge during lunch break.
 Get ready for an exciting afternoon that will help you as you begin your journey on The Road to Success.

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